Genre: R&B with undertones of pop and hip hop
Born: 08 Nov 1993
Star sign: Scorpio
Home town: Kimberley, South Africa

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Walk in the light
  1. 1. Walk in the light
  2. 2. Touch you
  3. 3. Time
  4. 4. Scratch the surface
  5. 5. Rescue Me
  6. 6. I Can’t
  7. 7. Dancing Queen
  8. 8. Baddest
  9. 9. Bad News
  10. 10. Maybe


With a recognisable and unique vocal tone. Lucille Slade is a singer and formadable songwriter, who offers a new and refreshing take on RnB-pop and urban music.

Telling stories that girls and women can relate to, came as a by-product of her experiences. That made it clear to her that most women go through similar experiences or can relate to her music. Something she doesn’t take very lightly.

“I work well under pressure and, no matter what happens the show must go on. My fear doesn’t cripple or discourage me; it motivates me. As an artist, not sounding like anyone out there is my strength.” ~ Lucille Slade


She has massive respect for performers who put on exceptional live performances and leave their audience entertained and wanting more. Inspired by acts like the late TK  and Beyonce . Lucille displays a hard-working spirit and a passion for emphasising that, for her, it’s all about the music.

Cultural background

Half Zulu and half Xhosa, Lucille’s values are rooted in family and God. Her love for the woman who raised her encourages her to keep growing in accordance with her principles.

The dream

Longevity in the music industry!

Breakthrough moment

On being tested at AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, from which she graduated) at the end of her first year, she officially had no doubt that making amazing music was her calling. Her biggest highlight was winning Transnet Rising Starz, where she met Selaelo Selota who introduced her to Dave Thompson.