Why can’t we be friends // Get Busy collective
  1. 1. Why can’t we be friends // Get Busy collective
  2. 2. So what // The A Team
  3. 3. Smile for you // Jalettua Nune
  4. 4. Party up // Badda Badda aka Daddy Ray and Vocab
  5. 5. If it’s got no bass // Heavy Barz and Zamo
  6. 6. I am the one // Inferno Williams
  7. 7. Get Busy // Sammy Bronze
  8. 8. Heavy Weather // Tazz and Jabba
  9. 9. Build it up // Kapital
  10. 10. The Hustle // Heavy Barz and Vocab

More than a Mixtape

‘More than a mixtape’ brings together a whole crew on a beat-dropping, storytelling journey – a one-stop-shop of hip-hop and pop, with only one goal in mind.

Have fun and get busy!

‘Get Busy‘ showcases some of South Africa’s up and coming music talent, delivering radio-friendly good-time music that’s aimed at music lovers of all ages.

Going forward, ‘Get Busy’ will act as a home for talented, independent artists wishing to collaborate with Boom.Studio, while we develop the careers of some of our volume one discoveries who share our creative and commercial ambitions.

It’s time to ‘Get Busy’!